Taking your children or grandchildren fishing

Article and photos by Vincent Giordano

Back in the early ‘90s my sons developed their passion for the outdoors as they learned to fish on Lake Petit. To this day, each time they visit they share a story or two about their days wandering the lake with fishing poles in hand while debating (even still) who caught the biggest or the most fish.

As a community we are truly blessed to have such an amazing and well-managed fishery. I am so grateful to the stewards of Big Canoe for the lake fishes swimming today as well as those of the past.

There is something magical about watching excitement explode in the eyes of children as they reel in a fish and then the wonder they experience as they hold up their catch with so much pride. 

I long for those days of innocence and the fun ways I created to hook my boys on fishing.

For those who considered taking their kids or grandkids fishing, but never got around to it for whatever reason, here are some simple steps to help you get started.

  • You do not need to own any fishing gear. The Big Canoe Marina rents rods for $10.00 a day and also sells bait. The staff is a great source for “how to” information. In addition, children under age 12 are not required to have a fishing permit. 
  • Gather your child’s favorite snacks and beverages for your lake outing. Even better, be sure to grab all they can consume and more for this special time on the water. Variety helps.
  • Grab a bucket and fill it with stones the size your child would throw. I used to buy 20 pound bags of stones at Ace Hardware. Teaching your child to skip stones will help pass the time while waiting for fish to bite. The bucket will also be helpful to take your catch home.

In October the marina will stock the lake twice with almost 2,000 pounds of fish. Between the cooler weather, autumn beauty shimmering on the lake and the excitement of watching your young ones reel in the fins, you too will be creating lasting lakeside memories.

Tight lines, kids!

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