Teri Sawyer has moved to the Canoe Lodge – and can assist with amenity memberships, owner orientations + more

Our Membership Director Teri Sawyer has relocated to a new office at the Big Canoe Lodge. Teri is not only the community’s resource for amenity memberships but is also a welcoming contact for residents, guests and prospective homeowners with questions about the community.

Teri’s happy to assist with:

Amenity memberships: Teri’s primary role is to help with amenity questions, and to find the right amenity membership fit for each resident. She also works with medical-leave situations and resignations when needed. Her goal is to help each family enjoy Big Canoe in a way that is best for them. If you are a Property Owner, you are a member of the POA whether or not you choose to join an amenity.

Point of contact for new or potential Property Owners: Navigating a new community can be tough – and realtors, potential Property Owners, and renters can contact Teri to get information about the community or to arrange tours of Big Canoe and its amenities. New Property Owners can turn to Teri for one-on-one orientation or special mixers to help groups get acquainted with the community.

Property Owner lot cards: These ID cards serve as proof of residency, provide a resident’s account number for the accounting office, and can be used as a credit card within the community. If an owner needs a new or replacement card, Teri can help secure one – and she can assist with adding family members to a Property Owner account.

Miscellaneous community questions: Living in Big Canoe is a wonderfully unique experience, and Teri is a great resource to answer questions around such subjects as volunteer opportunities, how to get plugged in with clubs and events, our 25 miles of trails, amenity and restaurant locations, the best place to change your license, utilities, etc.

Please note that Teri’s duties can take her out of the office, so guests and residents should make appointments with her via phone (706-268-1092), or email (tsawyer@bigcanoepoa.org) so that she can give them her full attention. When she is out of office, text her at (678-249-5846).

Her office is at the Big Canoe POA Lodge, 12 Wolfscratch Drive. After parking, look for painted sign that says “Property Owner Assistance” and follow the arrow pointing to the right toward the front door.

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