Their stitch count is true and their frogs are few

Submitted by Mimi Zentgraf

Big Canoe’s Wednesday afternoon knitting club, known as the Knit Togethers, is much like an old-fashioned sewing bee but with a decidedly modern twist. Sure, the ladies spin yarns of every kind, but they also have fun sitting around tables knitting and purling. While many work on personal projects, like knitting an afghan for a new grandbaby or a shawl for a favorite fashionista, the ladies also give their busy hands to charitable causes.

A colorful table of warm winter hats made by the
Knit Togethers for kids at the Craddock Centers. (Photo by Mimi Zentgraf)

Each year hats are knitted for kids at the Craddock Center in Dawson and Pickens counties. This winter, 100 colorful hats were donated to Craddock through the Big Canoe Chapel. Dozens of hats were also donated to the Jasper Police Department to distribute to the homeless and needy.
When the call came from Northside Hospital in Atlanta that 500 ear savers were needed to attach face masks more comfortably, the knitters got right on it. Colorful and easy to wear, the Northside staff is looking mighty good while enjoying masking as never before.
Closer to home, the POA asked the knitters to make scarves for toy bears that are given to new residents during orientation. The POA hopes this gift will be a reminder for all to be aware of the furry creatures that live among us and treat them with respect and consideration.
The Knit Togethers welcome all who are interested in this artsy craft, from beginners on up. Even if you’ve never held a knitting needle in your life but are interested in the sounds of clicking and clacking, there’s a place for you at the table. Experienced knitters will teach the skills and techniques and even provide the needles and yarn.
The group usually meets in the Beach Club upstairs room every Wednesday but during COVID-19 are gathering via Zoom.
For more information, contact Mimi Zentgraf at Soon you’ll be on your way to fashioning a 20-foot long scarf. The knitting bug will bite you and there’s no known cure!

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