Tracy Chumley receives POA’s STAR award for exemplary customer service

By Colin Bergen

Tracy Chumley, a gate attendant at Big Canoe, is this month’s recipient of our community’s STAR performance award, which is given to employees who demonstrate exemplary customer service. Gate operator Pam Chumley (no relation) nominated Tracy after he had stepped out into the rain to help reattach a driver’s windshield wiper. 

“I appreciate it,” Tracy says. “It means a lot. I didn’t really think I did anything to deserve it.”

Tracy, a Dawsonville resident, has been working at the gate since July 2021. Prior to that, he worked in maintenance for the community for 14 years. Ernest “Ernie” Hensley, the Access Control Supervisor for the POA, explained that Tracy’s move to working the gate hardly meant he had switched to an easier job.

“There is a misconception that anyone can be a gate attendant,” Ernie says. “That may be true in other communities, but it is definitely not true in Big Canoe. It takes a special person.”

As a gate attendant, Tracy has had to be a multitasker as he monitors the gates, vetting anyone coming into Big Canoe, and denying entry to those who are not approved. Tracy, however, has taken on those responsibilities and more at both gates.

“He has worked day shifts, night shifts, and weekends,” Ernie says. “Our shifts are 12 hours, and he’s done all of it in a short period of time. The award is well-deserved.”

Tracy has assisted in other areas by working at the Package Porch when needed and even washing the gates. For his extensive and enthusiastic service, the POA is honored to give Tracy Chumley this prestigious award.

Congrats, Tracy!

An acronym for Service, Teamwork, Attention to Detail, and Results, the STAR recognizes the “various skills that provide for excellent customer service and value to the Property Owners.” Property Owners, along with POA team members and department heads, are able each month to nominate our workers for their outstanding performance. Please consider acknowledging them here.




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