Who will bring the Cuccidati?

Information submitted by Jo Bryan

Italians of Big Canoe have been forced to chow down gigantic bowls of pasta all by their lonesome for over a year now. Blame the pandemic for those extra Parmesan pounds. Now it’s once again time to share dishes smothered in red sauce with other folks who claim ties to the old country.

The Big Canoe Italians Club was organized by Jo Bryan several years ago and enjoyed great groaning tables on many occasions…until COVID-19 took a place at the table.

It seems every member of the club had at least one old treasured family recipe to share – spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccine, manicotti and of course incredible desserts.

Jo loves Cuccidati, a heavy Italian cookie from the heart of Sicily made with dates, dried glazed fruits and nuts packed in a sweet frosted dough. Some insist each one-inch cookie weighs a good two pounds.

With COVID-19 restrictions now less confining, the Italians of Big Canoe Club will meet, greet and eat on Sunday, June 6 at 7 p.m. at the Wildcat Pavilion. This is an Italian desserts and wine party. Leave the hefty heavy dishes at home this time, just sweet treats washed down with vino will be the fare.

The party is open only to members of Italians of Big Canoe. If you have even a teensy bit of Italian blood rushing through your veins or were lucky enough to hook up with an Italian partner, you’re welcome to join the tribe by clicking on the Italians of Big Canoe Facebook page and requesting to join. No trick questions or blood tests required.

Not on Facebook? A quick email to Jo Bryan at jombryan@comcast.net will get you in the pizza posse.

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