Who to contact about your amenity membership: Teri Sawyer

You might think that contacting Carrie Scott, the POA’s Director of Amenities, is the best way to secure or update your amenity membership, but the most effective way to make any changes to your amenities is to connect with Teri Sawyer, our Membership Director.

Teri not only handles all new and existing amenity memberships, but she is also the perfect resource for assisting you with any part of enjoying your life in Big Canoe. She is the first point of contact for all realtors, new property owners and guests who may be visiting. Think of her as your Lifestyle and Membership Director. Sometimes folks just need to know how to get to the Jeep Trail or maybe the best way to volunteer and give back. Other times, folks need a resource for how to set up their mail, find a utility company, local hospital or how to change over their driver’s license. Her office is just inside of the front door of the POA Canoe Lodge. If you are looking for a friendly face at the POA for any reason at all including signing up for your golf membership, Teri can be contacted at tsawyer@bigcanoepoa.org or (706) 268-1092.

As the Director of Amenities, Carrie directs all aspects of Big Canoe’s operations in golf, tennis, Wellness Center, aquatics, the Marina and the Clubhouse. Carrie can be contacted at cscott@bigcanoepoa.org or (706) 268-3002, but know that if you are reaching out to her about an amenity membership or a Big Canoe lifestyle question, she will direct you to Teri.

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