Will rain scare away AWOL? Never!

Information submitted by Karen Steinberg

Adirondack chairs in a circle made the perfect setting for the gals of Awesome Women of the Lake (AWOL) to share stories and tell tales of their Big Canoe adventures.

On the first Monday of May, AWOL planned to meet at the Marina at five in the afternoon, but with rain coming down in buckets, the gab fest was quickly moved to the Wildcat Pavilion. Drops fell, but only from cars to cover.

This is a gab group designed for women to come together in friendship. It can be difficult to connect if you’re new to the community and houses are sometimes hundreds of feet apart.

The focus of AWOL is to create fellowship and friendship in Big Canoe. There are no join-ups, sign-ups or agendas to follow, just a lot of laughing and chatting.

Information can be found on the AWOL Facebook page under Big Canoe or by emailing Karen Steinberg at karensteinberg@windstream.net.

The group meets on the first Monday of every month at 5 p.m. at the Big Canoe Marina. Gals are invited to bring their beverage of choice. If Mother Nature sends ugly weather on that day, an alternative place to meet will be noted on Facebook or on insidethegates.org.

We invite you to meet new friends and build the AWOL community. We hope you’ll join us on Monday, June 7 at 5 p.m. at the Marina. There are plenty of tables to share and umbrellas keep the blistering late afternoon sun away.

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