Winter Balls carried touches of elegance and glamour

In this year of COVID, the Sconti Clubhouse presented three Winter Balls, just to keep folks socially distanced and safe. Masks were worn, except when eating since it’s a real challenge to sip shrimp and lobster bisque through a mask.

The Clubhouse was elegant as a gaggle of volunteer elves led by Amanda White put their magical decorative touches everywhere. Elves included Cathy Mitchell, Joy Dyer, Pat Williams, and Pat Gogolin.

Ball attendees enjoyed a delightful dinner of shrimp and lobster bisque as the first course, beet and baby arugula salad accented with smoked almonds and goat cheese with a balsamic and strawberry reduction for the second course. The entrée was a beef filet with rosemary jus accompanied by Yukon gold whipped potatoes, asparagus, and heirloom tomatoes. 

The crowning glory to the dinner was a generous slice of bourbon pecan pie topped with sweet ice cream.

While the evening was a bit different than in years past, the warmth of friendship filled the room with a genuine holiday spirit. Next year, hopes are hugging, cheek kissing, and dancing will return to celebrate the season.

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