Your guide to driving through Saturday’s Christmas Holiday Drive-Thru

With so much happening in Big Canoe on Saturday, be sure to factor in the traffic route for the Christmas Holiday Drive-Thru, which is 6-9 p.m. in the Village Core. Read more about this fantastic, family-friendly event here.

For starters, the Drive-Thru route will be closed to through traffic starting at 5 p.m. Saturday.

Those participating in the Drive-Thru are being directed to follow the route that starts on Wolfscratch Circle, the road just north (on the Lake Petit Dam side) of the Racquet Club, and snakes its way past the Chapel. From there, head south past the Postal Facility (on the right) before looping westbound toward the Fire Station. There, participants will be greeted by Santa before they depart via Wolfscratch Drive.

With many motorists are expected for this event, the end of the line for the Drive-Thru will extend down the northbound road that accesses the three levels of parking above the Playfield. There, cars will be directed to line up before entering the Drive-Thru route on Wolfscratch Circle.

Though the narrow road between the Fire Station and the tennis courts will remain open to provide continued access to the Postal Facility, Property Owners are strongly urged to avoid the area at the time of the event.

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