Tim Moran and Elton Gogolin Elected to the POA Board

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Tim Moran and Elton Gogolin were elected to three-year terms as Big Canoe POA Board of Directors, it was announced Saturday at the POA’s Annual Meeting at the Big Canoe Chapel.

A total 3,152 votes ­– representing 52 percent of all eligible votes –– were tallied.

Gogolin and Moran will serve in positions vacated by outgoing Board members Bob Crouch and Lou Stephenson, who stepped down in June.

Mike Zeigler of the Big Canoe Company was introduced as Board’s new developer representative, a position held by Phil Baldwin until earlier this year.

The Board also selected new officers for 2022, including Amy Tropfenbaum as president, Candace Robertson as treasurer and Tim Moran as secretary.

None of the eight proposed changes to the By-Laws on the ballot were approved. Ratification would have been possible only with at least two-thirds of votes approving any of the amendments.

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