A Few Important User Tips for the New Big Canoe POA Website

Thanks to everyone for your comments on the new Big Canoe POA website.

Ease of use was a priority when we organized the Big Canoe POA site, so you don’t even have to log on to access the vast majority of the information here. The site is largely public.

A few things to know about the new site that should address some of the concerns raised:

If you are looking to access the Property Owner directory, statements, or your POA profile, go to My Big Canoe in the upper right of the page. On a mobile device, this can be in the menu which is shown as three horizontal lines. My Big Canoe will direct you to the info on the old site and these links can be accessed just as before.
If you are searching for information on the POA elections, go to go to My Big Canoe > Property Owners > POA & Community Governance > POA Board > Elections
If you had issues accessing the amenities reservations on the new site, those links have been updated and can be accessed on each individual amenity page.
We have a POA staff page under POA & Community Governance, but if you need to contact a team member, the easiest way to connect is to write to askthepoa@bigcanoepoa.org or click the “Ask the POA” button, which appears on every page on the new site as a clickable question mark in the lower right corner.
If you are using the POA Calendar on the new site, it can be searched and sorted according to such categories as the Wellness Center, Clubhouse, etc. Chapel events will not be on the POA website but are available on the Chapel website at https://www.bigcanoechapel.com/ Keep in mind this a complete POA community calendar that will have many entries to show everything going on day-to-day in Big Canoe.

Note that this is a major enterprise and that the team is working diligently to address issues as they arise.

After Thanksgiving, please look for a presentation on the new website that will outline the user-experience ins and outs and answer any further questions you may have.

Thank you again,

Big Canoe Communications and Marketing Team

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