After the storm came the calm, then action

Information and photos submitted by Steve Papke
Can everybody see the challenge here?

Were you hunched over your weather radio eager for the latest news about the recent night storms passing through? Many in Big Canoe were as they checked their flashlight, raingear and M&Ms supply.

Fortunately, Big Canoe was spared the worst-case scenario, but heavy winds and rain sure kept our shutters slammed tight.

The great outdoors didn’t fare so well. Trees were down, some blocking roads so getting out of Dodge wasn’t an option for many.

When the last torrent of rain moved on, the Big Canoe Trails Committee pulled on their boots and headed out to survey the damage and make repairs.

They found our hiking trails were in bad shape, but first they had to help Public Works clear the roads.

There’s still a lot of work to be done as eagle eyes scan the sky for the next blast of stormy weather. “It’s always something,” as Roseanne Roseannadanna would surely say.

Our band of Paul Bunyan heroes is always ready for action.

‘On the road again…’

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