Beach Club has a new friend to help with Rockslide Safety

By Colin Bergen

The Beach Club has a new friend. He’s 42 inches tall, has excellent posture – and also happens to be a bear.

However, this bear is made of wood.

To make sure your little ones stay safe on the Lake Disharoon Rockslide, the POA has brought in this carved black bear statue to measure the height of children at the top of the slide. The bear will greet children and double as a makeshift measuring stick to determine if a child stands below the minimum required height. If the child is shorter than the bear, they will be required to put on a life jacket. This comes as part of a safety policy upgrade where lifejackets on all small children are now required. Life jackets are complimentary at the Beach Club.

Steve Panetta, the Wellness Activities Director, found the bear at Tomato House Farms on the way to Clarkesville and thought “that, since we decided to have young kids wearing life jackets, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bear there to greet them?” Steve said. “I thought it would be a friendly way to deliver that message” about the minimum height requirement.

Steve recently repainted the bear to have it in pristine condition for its debut on Memorial Day weekend and will continue touch up the wooden critter as long as it stands there.

Be on the lookout for our new friend this summer at the Beach Club!

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