How to Prepare for Power Outages in Big Canoe

As many Big Canoe Property Owners and their guests learned over the Christmas holiday, infrastructure is seldom safe when there are consecutive days of extreme cold.

The negative wind chill temperatures led to power outages, which prompted Amicalola Electric Membership Corporation crews to work for days on repairing and restoring Big Canoe’s power.

To prepare or respond to a power outage, Ricky Jordan, Director of the Public Safety Department, and Amicalola EMC have provided these tips:

In the event of a power outage, call Amicalola at 706-253-0359.
If you have internet or cellular access, visit the Amicalola website to look for more details on areas affected by outages.
You can also get outage information on your mobile device by downloading the Amicalola app – search for My AEMC – on Google Play or on the App Store.
Turn off your appliances and lights if have a loss of power. When the power is turned back on, the system can get overwhelmed, which can result in another blackout.
Have multiple flashlights ready, which you should also test out. If you use candlelight, do not leave it unattended.
Be sure to have a manual can opener on hand.
As a rule of thumb, make sure you cell phone charger is fully charged.
Please be patient as Amicalola often must check multiple potential sources for the outage including high-voltage transmission lines, the distribution substations, main distribution lines, tap lines and individual homes.
Chief Jordan recommends investing in a permanent portable back-up generator, especially for those living with medical conditions or mobility issues. Safely evacuating in extreme weather is not always be possible
Should you own a portable back-up generator, keep in mind:
Do not operate a generator in an enclosed or partially enclosed space. Generators can quickly produce high levels of carbon monoxide, which can be deadly.
Make sure fuel for a portable generator is stored safely away from living areas, in properly labeled containers, and away from fuel-burning appliances.
Before refueling, always turn off the generator and let it cool down.
Turn off all appliances powered by the generator before shutting down the generator.

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