Landscaping Department Removing Invasive Plants

The Grounds and Landscaping Department will have a busy season ahead of them as they revitalize Big Canoe.

Landscaping crews have already begun removing invasive plants on all common property, Evergreen mahonia, eleagnus and privet shrubs and other non-native plant life can outcompete and displace indigenous species, which reduces the number of habitats and food sources for local wildlife, according to the Georgia Forestry Commission.

Hired by the POA to help with a range of environmental issues, Jess Riddle of Green Leaf Ecological consulting will aid the removal effort. He plotted all of the invasive plant locations within our community on Google Earth, which allows the landscaping crews to be thorough as well as efficient.

The invasive plants inside the gates were brought by residents years ago and have continued to propagate in our area ever since, which is why it’s important that residents pay attention to the POA approved plant list. Sticking the list of approved plans will not only help maintain the aesthetic of Big Canoe, but also ensure local wildlife continue to thrive, said POA Grounds & Landscape Manager Mathew Parks.

Since the aforementioned shrubs were brought in before the Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council deemed them to be invasive, the POA cannot remove them from private residencies.

For more information about removal and additions, please call the Grounds and Landscape department at 706-268-3319 or email

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