Lydell Mack, Director of Operations, Receives Award from Golf Association

The Georgia chapter of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America has awarded our own Lydell Mack with the Grassroots Ambassador Leadership Award for his service in the area of government relations.

Lydell, the POA’s director of operations, recently attended National Golf Day in Washington, D.C. where he received the award from the GCSAA.

Grassroots ambassadors are volunteers who establish and maintain relationships with local elected officials to provide information and perspective on issues affecting the golf industry. The award recognizes ambassadors who demonstrate growth in advocacy and advancing GCSAA priority issues through Congressional outreach and relationship development

Lydell Mack (center, back row) was among those in the National Golf Day Lobby Group, which recently participated in 200 congressional and senatorial meetings.

National Golf Day brings golf industry representatives from across the country to celebrate the game’s annual economic impact of $84.1 billion along with its many charitable, environmental and social benefits. On May 10, golf’s allied organizations spent the day with members of Congress in meetings discussing the game’s 15,000 diverse businesses, the two million jobs it generates, driving tax revenues and tourism.

“Through his service on the board of directors and numerous committees over more than a decade now, Lydell is a much-valued member of our association,” said Tenia Workman, executive director of the Georgia chapter of the GCSAA. “We are extremely proud of the professionalism he brings to every aspect of his work for the Georgia Golf Course Superintendents Association, which, of course, also reflects well on Big Canoe. He is a role model for every member of our association and, as this award demonstrates, also for the golf industry across the country.”

Way to go, Lydell!

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