Make sure your voice is heard – participate in the Big Canoe Strategic Planning Survey

By POA Staff

Next week, Big Canoe Property Owners will have the opportunity to truly share their voice.

On Thursday, Aug. 19, Property Owners will receive a survey that will play a pivotal role in mapping out Big Canoe’s future.

The survey will gauge the sentiment of residents in various subject areas with the goal of setting the strategic objectives for Big Canoe as a community. It will provide context for decision-making in driving short-term goals and annual operating/business plans – in other words, a roadmap for where we are going, complete with guide rails to ensure we stay on course.

The survey covers issues that have been brought up by Property Owners in Town Halls, through emails to the board and general manager, via questions submitted through the “Ask the POA” message system and in questions raised at the end of board meetings and at the July Town Hall gathering.

Preliminary drafts of the survey were shared with 25 Property Owners to test the questions, garner feedback, and ensure no big issues were left out. This group had volunteered to be part of the Strategic Planning process and represented a demographically diverse mix of Property Owners. They were randomly queried over the last few weeks to test drive proposed questions in qualitative phone interviews conducted by an unbiased party – in this case, T4 Associates. The Chicago-based consulting company specializes in surveys and data analysis that capture the true voice of a community (VOC).

The next step is to expand the survey to you – all 5,000 plus Property Owners. The findings will ultimately be used to help set everything from Big Canoe’s strategic direction to its investment strategies, from how quickly the community wants to move on addressing specific projects to whether there are any bylaw or covenant changes needed. As a result, responses by Property Owners will help shape Big Canoe for its second 50 years, making the survey one of the most critical ever conducted in the community.

The importance of the survey is underscored by the fact that Big Canoe hired T4 Associates, which boasts a proven track record having delivered powerful results for Fortune 500 companies. Since 2006, T4 Associates has managed more than 400 engagements and has conducted over 24,000 in-depth interviews. Hiring an outside firm with such a history ensures a level of objectivity that might otherwise be questioned with a locally based committee or small group of managers that potentially could have their own agenda or unconscious bias.

The results of the survey will be announced in September. The Strategic Planning Committee will then rely on the findings to craft a new vision statement for Big Canoe and author the strategic objectives that POA management will use to build the tactics of the Strategic Plan. The new vision statement and high-level strategic objectives will be presented for community input to the POA Board and at a Town Hall meeting in September.

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