Message from the POA Board regarding UIG

As previously announced during the March 31 Board meeting, the Big Canoe Board of Directors retained legal counsel specializing in matters regarding public and private water/sewer service in advance of the Utilities, Inc. of Georgia (UIG) notice of rate increases effective June 4. On April 14, we updated the community that we concluded the appropriate course of action was mediation by a third-party organization as provided for in our agreement with UIG. UIG had also requested Big Canoe POA to grant an easement for sewer access across POA Common Property to serve certain areas of The Village on Blackwell Creek and the adjacent church.

We have not been asked to grant an easement for expansion to the Foothills Shopping Center area. However, there are potential implications of granting any easement outside current Big Canoe Covenanted property that must be considered, including complicated financial and environmental matters, as well as future development by Big Canoe Company under retained rights in the 2005 Amendment to our Covenants.

The Board recognizes the importance of the IGA and other businesses at the shopping center. We are working through legal counsel to accomplish the best possible overall outcome for Big Canoe property owners and will provide more information as things progress.

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