Mouse in your house?

By Alice Eachus

They’re sure cute, especially when standing next to their cousin, Big Rat. But, a tiny mouse can sure cause massive trouble if those sharp teeth come close to anything near and dear to your heart, like your finger. Mice can carry diseases.

It seems the mouse population has exploded in some parts of Big Canoe. Reports of scampering noises on hardwood floors have been reported along with chewed wires under car hoods and in air conditioning units. Wouldn’t that be a surprise?

So what to do if Minnie or Mickey’s relatives are using your home as a B&B?

An exterminator might be your first call. The professionals can find places in your house that might need blocking. They also can use bait to exterminate the problem.

If killing the critters isn’t on your playbill, try putting out sticky boards to catch them, then release in the woods.

There are humane traps for sale at stores to use too. Bait them with peanut butter and it’s a rodent rally.

One thing to remember, there usually isn’t one mouse in your house. Mamas give birth to big litters. Catch one, and more might appear like rabbits on a spree.

There are animal rescue agencies that might come to get your visitor. Yes, even a mouse has a rehab facility.

The best way to solve your problem? Get a cat!

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