Programming, Events & Clubs Committee Seeking New Members for 2023

By Amanda Copeland

Activities Director

The Big Canoe Programming, Events & Clubs Committee (PECC) is seeking new members for 2023.

The mission of PECC is to develop, coordinate and support activities in Big Canoe that enrich the quality of life for our Property Owners and guests. The committee is comprised of seven to 12 property owners or spouses, one serving as a chairperson, who join through the application process. Committee members are selected by the committee as a whole and confirmed with the POA Board of Directors. Applicants must be Big Canoe Property Owners or spouses and must be in good standing.

PECC members and volunteers assist in activities and events throughout the year, such as planning and coordinating seasonal decorations and gatherings, large-scale events such as the Fourth of July and Oktoberfest, and day trips to local venues. The committee is also responsible for recognizing new clubs in Big Canoe.

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Questions concerning application: Amanda Copeland, Activities Director –

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