Public Safety Receives Life-Saving Cardiac Monitor

A new cardiac monitor that allows Public Safety team members to read a patient’s heart rhythm, to defibrillate, and more arrived at the Fire House on Thursday, Jan. 5.

The ZOLL cardiac monitor was purchased for Public Safety through $28,000 grant secured through the Northside Cherokee Auxiliary Group, which awarded the grant to purchase this essential, life-saving device for our department.

“For pre-hospital emergency services, it’s a state-of-the-art device to have on scene when assessing and treating patients in an out of hospital setting,” said Capt. Chip Rice of Public Safety.

Representatives from Northside and Public Safety met at the Fire House to celebrate the arrival of the monitor. The ZOLL monitor also can pace someone – stimulating their heart with electrical pulses –  if they have a slow heart rate, as well as transmit findings to the local hospital, which can send the information from the monitor directly to the cardiac lab and allows patients to bypass emergency room and go straight to treatment with a cardiologist.

If someone is experiencing heart trouble, the Public Safety Department carries medication on their trucks for advanced life support, Rice added.

Attending the event were Big Canoe Public Safety staff members Ricky Jordan, Chip Rice, Ron Davis, and Jim Hinds; Big Canoe volunteer firefighters Ken Bechley, Bob Miller, Terry Stewart and Bob Tropfenbaum; and Northside Auxiliary reps Brenda Hunton, Dexter Lukben, Joanne Dwyer and Gary Seldon.

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