Tips for Enjoying the Autumn Leaves

After a hot, humid summer, fall is finally almost upon us. With the changing of the seasons comes one of the most spectacular sights in our community: autumn leaves.

Mathew Parks, our grounds and landscape manager, has some insights on what to expect this year and how you can make the most of this seasonal show.

Leaf season in Big Canoe usually begins after the first frost.

“The best time to watch the leaves is normally mid to late October, after you’ve gotten a couple of weeks of cool nights,” Mathew says.

Mathew also says that the “drier the summer, the better.” His guesses that judging by our recent summer, it’s a coin toss if this will be a vibrant or dull fall.

Once leaf season hits, you may find yourself spoiled for choice when it comes to leaf watching.

“If you just drive through Big Canoe, you get a show everywhere you go,” Mathew says. “Most people just go to and from their house to watch.”

If you are looking for specific spots to sit down and marvel at the foliage, Mathew recommends the following places:

The Nature Valley Trails
The High Gap Park Trails
Clubhouse parking lot – Yes, really! The October glory maples planted around there are known for how “super red” their leaves become, Mathew says.

If you’re looking for a scenic drive, Mathew offers these routes:

Sanderlin Mountain Drive, which is one of the first areas to turn
Ridgeview Drive
Falcon Heights
Petit Ridge Drive

Thank you for helping us make the best of our fall, Mathew!

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