What Property Owners need to know about renting their home

By POA Staff

Property Owners whose Big Canoe homes in Dawson County are in the short-term rental market are required to secure a short-term rental permit through Dawson County. The cost is $200 for the short-term rental permit.

The owners of about 75 Big Canoe homes in Dawson County currently offered as short-term rentals will receive notices of the change in a letter scheduled to be sent out by Dawson County by the end of the week.

Like a hotel, Property Owners also must pay the county an 8 percent hotel/motel tax to the county either directly or through a third party such as Airbnb or VRBO. Effective July 1, 2021, the hotel/motel tax is collected by the various third-party operators and mailed directly to the county, taking the property owner out of the loop – unless of course you are handling the short-term rental of your home. Those managing their own properties would be responsible for making their monthly hotel/motel tax to Dawson County Finance.

Short-term rentals are defined as properties rented out for less than 30 days. The county currently requires Property Owners follow numerous rules to secure their permit including but not limited to:
• securing a permit from the Department of Health that shows the capacity of a septic tank, which dictates the number of bedrooms a home will accommodate. This information will determine the maximum occupancy of overnight guests for a rental unit, which is limited to two persons per bedroom plus two additional persons per household.
• parking must be provided off-street for a minimum of two vehicles
• providing a certificate of occupancy, a short-term rental engineer release form, or a private inspection report
• proof of ownership in the form of a paid tax receipt
• a copy of the floor plan showing room locations
• a permit from the Dawson County Planning and Development Department

The Dawson County Planning and Marshal’s Office has drafted a new short-term rental ordinance to be presented before the Board of Commissioners later this year.

Dawson County also requires that every owner applying for a short-term rental permit brings a copy of the Big Canoe short-term rental agreement with them in order to
receive their permit from Dawson County. Check with Big Canoe AECD Manager Treena Parish to secure the current forms from Big Canoe necessary for completing your paperwork in Dawson County. Contact Treena at 706-268-3394 or tparish@bigcanoepoa.org.

For more information on the Dawson County rental requirements, contact Angela Byers at Dawson County Marshal’s Office at abyers@dawsoncounty.org or 706-344-3500 ext. 42334.

Pickens County is developing a similar program. More information will be provided to Big Canoe owners offering short-term rentals in Pickens County as soon as it becomes available.

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